Jamie Connell

Hi, there. Welcome to Deja Nu.

My name is Jamie and fashion has always been my passion. My father was a sales representative his whole life and my mother a model and leader in the fashion industry. She was one of Mary Kay’s first beauty consultants and worked for Coty Cosmetics along with the fashion world and its leaders. It is no wonder how it comes so naturally to me.

When I was in middle school, my Mom opened her own boutique in Roanoke, Texas. I spent days after school and weekends learning how to run the business in every capacity. I grew up in the Dallas, Los Angeles & New York apparel markets.

Even when I went off to college, I worked with my mom. Then I married my wonderful husband of twenty-seven years and we moved to Connecticut for his internship. At that point I had made connections with large corporations and found myself managing a Cache store, and then opening one of their new stores in Austin, Texas. 

When I had my first child, Tyler, I retired to raise my children. Three years later I had my beautiful daughter, Jordan. I then spent the next twenty-three years on PTSO, going to sporting events, throwing classroom parties, involved with pageants and in charge of Project Graduation, etc. During that time, my passion never died. I followed the fashion industry closely and have always stayed ahead of the curve. I have always admired beautiful and unique clothing. 

I finally became an empty nester and decided to follow my dream of owning a boutique of my own.

I wanted to have a store based on the same principles my mother taught me: having beautiful, good quality clothes at an affordable price with personal attention to the customer. She taught me to educate women on how to wear the clothes instead of the clothes wearing them, and how to feel good in their own bodies and to embrace their shape. I want all women to be able to walk into a room with confidence and feel good about themselves. Age and size are only numbers and they do not define us as women!

Deja Nu was born in November of 2019 and we continue to grow and thrive thanks to the help of our amazing online customers and local community.