Hi, there. We're Deja Nu.

Jamie and Joni meet when their daughters Jordan and Chloe won a beauty pageant. They came from the same small town of Lampasas, but did not know one another. However, Jamie and Joni spent the next year together as their daughters pursued pageants and quickly became best friends. Before they knew it, they considered themselves sisters, spending time with their families on vacation and always together.In July of 2019 Jamie opened Deja Nu as a resale consignment store, carrying upscale designer clothing from infant to adults. It wasn’t long before she convinced Joni to join in the fun. Then they thought what if we also open a boutique where women can have a revolving closet. Buy something new, wear it now and when ready, put it in the consignment store. Great Idea, right??

Then the brain storming and fun began, what did they want to accomplish with this idea? They wanted to provide the best customer service, low pricing and great quality clothes. They knew they wanted to have the trendiest boutique items at prices that can't be beat! To have those perfect boutique outfits that become the defining pieces of your wardrobe. For everyone to ask where did you get that beautiful outfit? The response to be of course Deja Nu.Their mission is to make new friends, share in your lives and help you look fabulous! They believe that style is a way to express who you are and how unique you can be. They want to empower all their customers to be more confident and secure in their own skin.
 They are fun loving crazy gals that love fashion and their customers,Jamie & Joni

Jamie Connell

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Joni Thorp